Suncoast ID

Role: Project Management, Web Development, Visual Design

2013-2014 - Boost Creative

Mobile Website Project Summary

Suncoast ID is a plastic printer located in Fort Myers, Florida which specializes in plastic printed key tags, restaurant menus, and ID cards. Their primary means of sale is through internet sales, usually initiated by quote requests on their website. After re-skinning their website, I attached google analytics to the website. After a few months of data accumulated, I found a large number of mobile users utilized the site.

Since the site was just recently re-skinned, we opted to create a custom mobile site optimized to tablet and mobile phone users to try and convert the large amount of mobile traffic into potential customers. The goal of the mobile site is a simplified version of the main site, which shows key products offered followed by a quote request form. Our hope was that by showing the bare minimum of content, the potential customer would have distractions and thus be funneled to the quote request form.

View the mobile site

Log Analysis

Google Analytics was used to measure traffic before and after the launch of the site. While the amount of mobile traffic remained the same, we are able to see that quotes that were requested through the mobile users increased drastically.


Wireframes and a sitemap were initially created to work out the flow of the site, what content would be included, and how a potential customer might find their way to the quote request form.

Final Deliverable

With the architecture of the site decided, I proceeded to build out visual mockups of the varying pages. Once approved by the client, I programmed the site using HTML, CSS, and jquery mobile. I utilized mobile development techniques to ensure a consistent look on all devices. A particular point of pride is the custom radio buttons on the keytags page showing the different possible diecuts.

Landing Pages

Suncoast ID invested in a number of various click-through advertising campaign to boost online quote requests. Each campaign consisted of 2 items: an advertisement to be placed on websites where ad space was purchased, and a landing page target towards the specific product advertised with the goal of funneling the potential client to the online request form.

Digital Advertisements

Examples of advertisements used for online CTCs.